about us


About Us

Backed by a wealth of experience at technology leadership positions, we view technology as the foundation for product innovation. We feel the key differientator for technologists is the ability to actively contribute to the product (visioneering).

To be able to accomplish this, we strive to always answer the basic 'what' and 'why' questions before tackling the how. The fundamental creation of a product feature or product line starts with the "5 whys" questions. We then formulate an hypothesis that we proceed to test using product development techniques such as "dual track agile". For instance, when developing a french transcribing services, evaluate the quality of the transcribing API engine before doubling down on the orchestration pieces.

What We Do

With our experience delivering multiple global, complex large scale SaaS efforts, we can help you scale your product offerings.
Our experience migrating existing products to highly scalable cloud platforms; our experience going from ad-hoc analytics solutions to fully automated, machine learning & cloud-based insights as a service platform ; our experience transforming existing product into a multi-tenant data management platform available through APIs makes us a great partner in digital transformation initiatives.
Backed by our experience choosing simple, elegant, award-winning UX solutions after the dual-track agile cycle, we deliver pleasant SaaS solutions for our partners. We partner up in spreading design thinking into product and engineering teams.
Backed by our pragmatic use of agile in mutiple environments we tweak the urgency of the strategic product work to the business needs while retaining the innovative methods (hack-a-thons, lunch and learns, friday lunch game ...) that make products successful.
With our experience coaching and training emerging coaching leaders, we can help identify your tech leadership coaching needs and gaps and deliver training to tomorrow's future leaders.
Our Experience designing multi-cloud solutions to offset data locality challenges can help you with your complex architecture challenges. Our experience modeling complex, distributed n-dimensional data warehouses primarily for fast insights serving can help you think through modern data modeling CAP/PCAELC theorem world (more relevant than the term big data) .